This week’s update

SnopesLogoEvery week I get an e-mail of updates to the web site that investigates rumors that are bouncing around the internet. Some of the rumors are old. Some are new. When the rumors are false, they tend toward the ridiculous end of the spectrum usually involving some right-wing craziness about black helicopters coming to take away their bibles and guns.

Here are some from this week. Remember, some of these are not new, but Snopes sends an alert when the page is updated in some way. Have fun informing yourself so you can debate your crazy right-wing friends next time they bring this stuff up.

Updates This Week

Meat Your Maker

  • Rumor: The Taco Bell chain is closing due to allegations that their ‘beef’ is really cat and dog meat.

Inhumane Society

  • Rumor: Hillary Clinton and Adolf Hitler issued similar statements about putting the needs of society ahead of the needs of individuals.

 More Calendar Trouble

  • Mailbag: Did President Obama order the release of an Al Qaida terrorist from Guantanamo Bay, then offer a $5 million reward for his recapture?

Alice Dreger Livetweets Sex Ed Class

  • News: Professor Alice Dreger livetweeted an abstinence-based sex ed class in Michigan.

Gaydar Detector

  • Rumor: An amendment to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires gay residents to wear a sensor for identification.

Daesh of Our Lives

·  Rumor: ISIS has been recruiting children in Indiana to join a group called ‘Daesh.’