Homeless people and the other poors are for loathing, not empathy. Has today’s Christianity taught you nothing?

I try to be mindful of not weighing down this space with too much blood and gore and crime. But I could not let this pass.

Just when you think you cannot be shocked, along comes this: Three teens accused of beating, killing homeless people in NM

Investigators say in the complaint that blood on the waist band of 15-year-old’s shorts triggered further investigating and interviews with all three.

Rios told investigators he acted as a lookout while the other boys attacked both men with bricks, sticks and a metal fence pole. He said the victims were struck all over, including in the face and chest.

The younger suspects, however, told police that Rios also took part in the attacks. Both boys said they wanted to look for someone to beat up and possibly rob.

Both describe how all three covered their faces with black T-shirts before walking over to the victims, who were lying down. Then the trio allegedly used various objects to attack the men, including cinder blocks. According to the 15-year-old, they all took turns picking up cinder blocks over their heads and smashing them into the men’s faces more than 10 times.

The suspects said after the attack, they took one victim’s driver’s license and debit card. The license was found in the teens’ home, police said.

According to the 15-year-old, all three have previously attacked homeless people around Albuquerque. Police are now going to look into open cases involving attacks on transients to see if they are related, Drobik said.


I don’t know whether to cry or scream.

Really, what do you expect when today’s right-wing Christians have beaten the drum incessantly that poor people deserve their lot in life because they are lazy? Why wouldn’t a bunch of teenagers grow up resenting the people living on mattresses in a field down the street?

Except, of course, many of those former white middle class people who formerly complained about poor people are also now among the ranks of the poor themselves, thanks to an economy where the spoils go to the top and the rest of you can just go f*ck yourselves.

Viva Fox News!