Such an innnnn-teresting monster

I love Halloween, but between moving to a new place and my new job, I’m going to sit this one out. Not the end of the world, of course. But I do have fun on Halloween because it has this effect on people: it allows people to let go, become something else, and step away from the boring corporate masks many of us are forced to wear, to wear a mask that allows many of us to be just a bit less concerned about what others think of us. PrisonJumpsuitSmall

Yes, it gives a tiny minority the excuse to act stupidly. But like pride parades and Mardi Gras, most people get into the fun spirit of things so I always choose to concentrate on them instead.

Plus Halloween has always allowed me to dress as a movie archetype to have fun, not get overheated on the dance floor AND attract dates. Last year I was in a prison uniform (see torso shot, headless, so that no HR people can trace it to me). The year before? A Roman soldier. Before that?

So to kick off my Halloween posts, here is Bugs Bunny in one of his gayest scenes ever. How I never picked up how gay this really is until years later just shows how jammed your gaydar can be before you come out.

Hate: America’s Number One Christian Export to Africa

Yes, there are countries where their conservative Christian leaders are more vile than ours — but that is only because our most vile Christian leaders (Scott Lively, I’m looking at you) got to them first and infected their already superstitious minds with hatred and murderous thoughts backed by righteousness and magical thinking. If you are prevented from imprisoning, torturing and killing gays in America — hey, no problem — you can get certain African Christian leaders to do by proxy the things that America’s LGBT community organized so long ago to prevent you from doing it here.

Click here or on the screen cap for more info.


Ah, Chicago: home at last

During the last seven days I have:

  • Signed a two-year apartment lease in the Edgewater neighborhood (within walking distance of Andersonville neighborhood or “Bearville” as many call it).
  • Signed up for ComEdison.
  • Signed up for Illinois I-Pass (E-Z Pass)
  • Registered an online account to do my part to help pay for one of the worst privatization scams in governmental history (i.e, Chicago’s notoriously awful privatized parking enforcement regime).

I guess this means I’m staying here!


When they are subtle, Woot can be amusing

Much of the time Woot’s product descriptions are marketing gibberish filled with treacle, false modesty and not very funny puns. At times they also go low key and score a win with something such as this from my visit to that site this morning. I love that fact that someone at Woot thought it was appropriate to include a still camera and a video camera on the so-called “bedroom electronics” page.


This just made my Saturday a more hopeful one

Yes, it’s hard to watch at first. But the way these people in the Dallas airport rally to defend this gay man is heartening.

The way they berate the hater afterward? Priceless.

The wingnut hillbilly obviously doesn’t care because he is a hater. But he will care when he sobers up. (Without any direct proof, my guess is he is drunk, or secretly gay, or both. Only someone who is on something — or is trying to hide something — is so enraged by the mere presence of a gay man in a public place.)

The only thing that would have been better is if they tied him to a post and let a group of fierce drag queens read him for about an hour in public while he tried and failed to insult them in return.

An unarmed man in a battle of wits. Perfect.

And if you’re one of the people who feels this way about LGBT people, let this be a lesson to you: your hatred will cause you to be seen as the loser you are. Even in Texas.