“The Northeast snowstorms PROVE that climate change is not real!”

The only thing pronouncements such as this prove, once again, is they just don’t have a basic understanding of the issues involved.

This New Republic article is an okay use of your time despite not covering any new ground. But it might work as a primer (once again) on climate change for your dense Republican uncle or Tea Party brother-in-law.


This is really big news out of the Ninth Circuit

Not sure how I missed this news about judges having enough of crooked prosecutors.

As is usual, click on the screen grab below to be taken to the article.

Added bonus: you can watch video of the oral arguments here.


Insanity on the Yale campus

It is both sad and infuriating that New York Times columnist Charles Blow has to write something like this about his African-American college student son — facing an armed police officer who cannot muster the most basic (and logical) investigatory skills — in this day and age:

Yale's Sterling Library.

Yale’s Sterling Library.

What if my son had panicked under the stress, having never had a gun pointed at him before, and made what the officer considered a “suspicious” movement? Had I come close to losing him? Triggers cannot be unpulled. Bullets cannot be called back.

My son was unarmed, possessed no plunder, obeyed all instructions, answered all questions, did not attempt to flee or resist in any way.

This is the scenario I have always dreaded: my son at the wrong end of a gun barrel, face down on the concrete. I had always dreaded the moment that we would share stories about encounters with the police in which our lives hung in the balance, intergenerational stories of joining the inglorious “club.”

When that moment came, I was exceedingly happy I had talked to him about how to conduct himself if a situation like this ever occurred. Yet I was brewing with sadness and anger that he had to use that advice.

I am reminded of what I have always known, but what some would choose to deny: that there is no way to work your way out — earn your way out — of this sort of crisis. In these moments, what you’ve done matters less than how you look.

This was at Yale! Can you imagine how this scene plays out every day of every year in less genteel circumstances? In inner cities? At Southern universities and colleges? In small town America? At a train stop in Staten Island?

It’s a god-damned college campus. Ask FIRST for his friggin’ student ID card!

If police everywhere try to spin this as anything other than shoddy police work and racism I will start to lose hope.

New York Times: Library Visit, Then Held At Gunpoint

I miss Massachusetts and my home city so much right now

Yes, people there do speak this way. And, yes, the people who program those highway signs will do this.

As with much of everything else, how that accent strikes you depends on the situation.

If the person speaking is someone with whom you vehemently disagree politically or philosophically, you think, “Holy hell, that guy sounds like an idiot.”

If, however, you are extremely attracted to the person speaking, you think “Man, that accent is SO adorable.”

Be safe everyone! I wish I was there to overreact with all of you!

Click on the image for more information about travel restrictions.

OK, so this guy is pretty darned good

I’d lose the neck tattoo, but that’s just a bias I have.

Other than that, I shared this in a genre I normally do not share — televised talent competitions — primarily because I realize how much practice this guy had to do to perfect these illusions.

So whatever misgiving I have most of the time about noxious hosts and mildly annoying mass-market assumptions (OMG! An old lady can sing opera!) this seemed worth sharing.